Pet care professional POS Software And Web Application in Dubai, Sharjah, UAE.

W4YG'S PET CARE software is designed to help PET Shops to automate processes for the Pets such as Appointment Scheduling, Invoicing, Client and Staff management, PET information management, PET Grooming, PET Boarding and POS Sales etc.
Point of Sales GCC is a comprehensive software solution for the mobile pet business in Dubai. This software allows your customers to book your services easily - or even through your own branded app!
Point of Sales GCC offers a field service management software and app suitable for any industry and supports you to grow your business, regardless of the size of your team.

Pet Care Management Software in Dubai

Our the pet station software Dubai Easily manage inquiries, quotes, bookings, receipts, payments and all of your customers and employees under one software that is safe and secure in the cloud!

This software is easy to use that works on every device (android and iOS). Build better relationships with your customers, get new and growing social, web, mobile, email and personally! Save time and money by focusing on scheduling, invoicing, forms, pet and staff related tasks and automatically.

Helps in the happiness of customers and employees! Our software will help you to automate running your business so you can spend more time growing it. Includes consultation to determine how we can best serve you.

Most people with careers in the pet industry pursue their dream of working with a pet and love it. It's a beautiful feeling, to know that you're going to have a better life for your carefully cared for the pet during your day. However, you know that doing business is a chore, no matter how much you love your crunchy little customers—no doubt about it. We have the best PET SPA POS Software in Dubai.

Whether you are a veterinarian, dog driver, trainer, pet photographer or pet massage therapist, you still have to take care of your business. You would love to spend all that time with fur kids, yet there are still functional aspects of running your company that need attention. We have the pet station Dubai, UAE. So, when there is a way to give yourself a break and handle tasks that you are not keen on, it is a victory. Powerful, yet easy-to-use pet entertainment books like Point of Sales GCC can go from booking and interrupting booking appointments to being streamlined and automated. Making both you and your pet parent happy will allow you to spend more time with your grumpy customers.

Point of Sales GCC creates a relaxed schedule of appointments and classes for pet care providers and pet owners! Point of Sales helps grow your pet seating business by dramatically reducing the time spent on GCC administration and improving client service.

Pet Care Services Software Dubai: Safe and reliable

Security, privacy, data availability and authenticity are at the top level for us. Google Cloud Infrastructure in Dubai supports our Petcare Software and the services. We have a few of the most popular web services in the world! All information between transit and storage is encrypted and otherwise secured. Our backend provider regularly conducts independent audits of infrastructure, data centres and operations.

Payment acceptance is very safety as no credit card, or bank account details are to be stored or accessible by anyone.

Get paid fast with electronic currency

No more hassle of reconciling and tracking whether someone has paid for your pet business. Automatically runs billing at the interval of your choice. Collect payments with one click. Pet fitting software that works for you.


Point of Sales GCC have the best PET Grooming Software Dubai, that will helps you connect with your customers quickly and naturally. You can express yourself by using photos, videos, emojis and more. You are always a part of the conversation between the pet sitter/dog walker and the customer.

Know your business to grow your business

Be aware when you want and keep all relevant information at your fingertips. All key metrics are available in an easy-to-understand and accessible format. Go deeper to report more powerful when you want. Customer and employee portal to easily manage schedules, track invoices and sitter/walker payments.

Build confidence in pet owners

Provide consistent service and peace of mind using photos, notes and GPS tracking. We will approach you to enjoy a comfortable pet parent which no one else has.

Mobile apps

We have mobile apps for dog drivers, pet sitters and pet owners. The minimalistic design puts that information in front of you. Now you or your staff can put everyone in a loop. Your customers can create appointment schedules, manage pet profiles, view service reports and receipts from their mobile phones. The app helps you to track all the visits on your mobile phone easily.

Choosing the right pet sitter is an important task. Proper matching of pet sitters, customers and pets ensure lasting and trusting relationships. As we have the best Pet Store POS Software.

All pet seating is the most caring pet seating service. Make sure your dog, cat or other unique pet is taken care of carefully! We provide stress-free care for your precious pets in your own home. We see their personalized love, attention and exercise and their safety and well-being while ensuring the welfare and security of our customers' homes.

Here are some essential features available in Our Pet Spa Software

Schedule: This feature helps you plan and track your pet's seating visits every day. You can accept or decline customer requests depending on the bandwidth available. You can also manage your employees' schedules and assign them appointments or tasks.

Customer Management

This feature allows you to store your client's details and their pet's details in a centralized database. This database is used to store important information related to pets, such as previous vaccine date, veterinarian's name and contact number, and food goes allergies.


This feature automatically generates invoices against each visit in your schedule. You can accept payments from customers through various methods such as Internet Banking, Debit card and from Credit Cards.

Personnel Management

Using this feature, you can manage the working hours of your staff members as well as their payroll in Pet care shop. Once the customer arrives at the location, employees can update their real-time status and enter the start and end times of the session. Tracking working hours will help you accurately calculate your employees' compensation.

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