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W4YG'S POS provides all kinds of POS software in UAE, Saudi Arabia, Oman which includes Restaurants, Retail, Salon, Laundry Facilities, and Spas/Nightclubs. Point of Sale GCC is the Best POS software in Dubai.
In the grocery/Super Market store, many modules need to be addressed, such as return and waste, inventory, expiration and reorder management. The grocery POS system works as a great partner in such situations. This allows you to handle all cases out of stock quickly.
A grocery store/Super Market is a business where profit margins are driven by reports based on your actual customers. We have the best Pos software For Grocery in Dubai. Once you integrate reliable grocery POS software into your store, you'll be able to keep track of what customers have purchased and what's at your peak. This information can be useful for loyalty programs and other marketing campaigns.


Back Office & Front Office

Back Office: Full support for all the documents required in the store, Full management, Recording and storing Database,Verification of prices and Labels, Logs, Payments, Attributes to the goods, POS Record and Report. In short, The Back Office Module Manages the whole system of POS Retail Software.

Front Office: In front office you can see – Drop cash amount while login to POS billing screen, Fetch products by Scan barcode or you can find by Produt Name, Product Category etc, (Credit Customer Module, POS Record, Sales Return, Product Module access in POS Screen with User Permission)


Login Screen: LOG IN SCREEN - Since we have very motivated software , it has the security system to access. Here, Authorised employees enter their PIN and their ID

Store Info:Create company master details as per your company information which includes the Information like Company Name, Mailing Name, Company Email, Postal Code, Fax Details, License Number, Currency etc.

Store Settings: System includes Terminal Settings, Email/SMS settings, Expense related Settings,TAX settings etc.


USER ACTIVATION: Admin can add shop employees here. List of Registered Users gives the information about Employees User Id , User Type whether it is customer, cashier, manager distributor etc.User Name, Email ID, Contact No and their status – Active Or Non-Active are the rows provides in User’s registration Form.

USER LOG DETAILS: LOGS - Admin can check the Login and Logout details of the employees.

PAYMENT ADONS: Different payment adons you can add from this module, You can choose these payment adons while billing from pos screen.


UNIT MASTER: List of Units – Admin can add product unit. i.e, kg, nos, pieces, stripes.

CATEGORY: Admin can add categories type. The product belongs to which category ,For example. Backery, Cosmetic, Electronics. etc.

PRODUCT MASTER: Product entry form-Admin can add different product.
Product Entry Form Includes : ▪ Product Code ▪ Product Name ▪ Category ▪ Description ▪ Barcode ▪ Sales Cost ▪ The manufacturing City of the product ▪ Manufacturing Date and Expiry date of Particular Product.


SALESMAN MODULE: In this module you can add salesman with commission field enabled to calculate saleman commission based on his sales.

WAREHOUSE TYPE: In here you can add different types of warehouses for example Local or International etc.

WAREHOUSES: In here you can add your warehouse with name, address and few details which will easy to mention in accounting records.


Credit Customer: Admin can add the credits of the customer. Credit Customer Registration saves Customer’s information, Status, Opening Balance amount. This Information helps us to solve any query, Admin can add the credits of the customer. Credit Customer Registration saves Customer’s information, Status, Opening Balance amount. This Information helps us to solve any query.

RECEIPT ENTRY: Credit customer-Receipt entry Admin can add the details of credit and debited by the customer. When customer place order , they need to pay, Receipt Entry will save the details of payment. (Credit Customer Ledger)



In the modern retail business era, grocery/super market retail software is a one-stop solution for stock handling, accounting, and billing needs. Store operations with software with effective inventory management with faster billing process become more efficient as they use a POS system supported by barcode scanners. W4YGS POS also has a GST helped billing system.

Order processing

With our result-oriented POS software For Grocery business, Stock replenishment is a process to avoid stock-out situations. In addition to this, you can also prevent the excess of expensive inventory and maintain the flow of inventory through the supply chain with efficient order and line item fill rates. Whenever the list level reaches the reorder point in the W4YG'S POS.

Discounts and loyalty

Discounts and loyalty programs are one of the best ways to attract customers is to start with a loyalty program. This will help you get more customers and more business in this competitive world. With this W4YG'S Advanced #1 Retail POS System, you also can offer occasional OR regular discount plans and special offers to your regular customers or potential customers.

Accept multiple payments

Sometimes a customer wants to split their bill into more than one payment method such as credit card, gift voucher, cash, etc. With W4YGS POS billing systems, you can process multiple payment methods at once without having to create different bills. This will save a lot of time for the cashier and the customer. Our POS Software will give accurate reports based on different payment method.

Reduce the labourer Staff

Labour is the most expensive then profit by selling products. Cash Register Express has integrated time-hours and labour schedule schedules. It also helps to manage staff and reduce labour costs. Before spending countless hours, various manual tasks to calculate supermarket profits, expenses many more.

Purchasing and financing

Our POS System is the best in Dubai; It will help you efficiently replenish items and negotiate for lower seller costs. Purchase orders can be tracked according to the order date, and the time will be received and cancel the appointment so that you can take appropriate action on your open order.

Advanced functionality

Users can choose from a variety of ways to implement it, including installing Cloud / SaaS / Web and Mac. Also, install Windows, Android native mobile, and iOS native mobile.

In addition to choosing which installation is right for your business, they appreciate how their boxes can run like big boxes.

Key Features in Our POS

One of the keys to success in the Grocery and markets is the rapid investigation. Instead of your cashiers trying to remember the Quotation of all your products. With this software, you can quickly navigate through the hotkeys to find a picture of the right product. This software easily available in our Website.

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